serious moonlight

Serious Moonlight

by Jenn Bennett

Simon Pulse, 2019

YA Contemporary Romance

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Birdie loves mysteries and also has narcolepsy but she’s lived a sheltered life, home-schooled by her protective grandma. When she starts working at a hotel, graveyard shift, she runs into a mystery about a reclusive writer and romance with the hotel’s van driver.

Likes: Aunt Mona’s eccentric fashion, the hotel and it’s goldfish plus octopus controversy, and the Moonlight Diner were all highlights. I also liked how many serious topics were handled including depression and attempted suicide. Family is also really important in this book, found and blood related. I also liked the romance. It wasn’t easy and they made mistakes but they kept trying to communicate and figure things out. I appreciate that.

Dislikes: The mystery of the reclusive writer wasn’t interesting to me. I also agree with Birdie about Leon Snodgrass.

Overall comparing this one to her previous books, I still like Starry Eyes the best but I definitely didn’t dislike this one. I’d say it’s equal with Alex, Approximately and The Anatomical Shape of a Heart.


Language – Medium

Sexual – Medium

Drug Use – Medium, Birdie eats a couple weed candies, not knowing what they are.

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