girl with the dragon heart

The Girl with the Dragon Heart

Sequel to The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

by Stephanie Burgis

Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2018

Middle Grade Fantasy

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Silke loves telling stories to get out of trouble and to promote her favorite chocolate place. But trouble comes when the crown princess wants her to help find out what the fairies are really up to.

Likes: Silke is one of my favorite characters from the first book so I’m glad she was the narrator of this one. I also liked seeing Aventurine from her perspective (and she’s still a fabulous character). The fairies and goblins were also scary. And this book also goes into the persecution and challenges Silke and her people have had to deal with over the generations.

Dislikes: When it comes to fantastical creatures, I’m not into fairies. (But I do like that they are the villains in this one.)

Overall I liked this book just as much as the first. I want another adventure with these characters.

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