space boy 2

Space Boy, Vol. 2

by Stephen McCranie

Dark Horse Books, 2018

YA Science Fiction Comic

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Amy is trying to make new friends and also get to know the mysterious boy, Oliver.

Likes: The art is still fabulous, colorful, and expressive. I still really like Amy and can see why she’s so curious about Oliver. I also love how Amy reacts to the changing seasons and new things on earth. We also get some hints that things are not all they seem, especially when it comes to Oliver.

Dislikes: But I am kind of having a hard time with Oliver. He is mysterious and his lack of personality is a deliberate premise from the beginning. As curious as I am, I’m finding him a little boring. And it seems like that scientist character is introduced really quickly and then disappears for the remainder of the volume.

Overall I still want to continue this series. I really like it so far and have so many questions.


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