red threads of fortune

The Red Threads of Fortune

Tensorate, 2

by Jy Yang

Tor, 2017

Adult Fantasy Novella

6 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Mokoya, still grieving from the events in the first book, is hunting naga in the desert close to a rebellious town. But two naga are not all they seem. Neither is the mysterious person from another land.

Likes: The writing is fabulous. The prose has art to it but also moves the story along. I also liked how this book handled grief and depression. The magic system is still fascinating to me and I like how it’s explained, especially with the different points of view.

Dislikes: Mokoya was impossible for me to like. Also, the one relationship falling apart and the new one that literally happens in a couple days was upsetting.

Overall I’m definitely conflicted. I loved the first book more. Akeha wasn’t perfect but I liked him a lot more. Mokoya is a difficult situation. But I also got through this book pretty quickly. Mokoya is annoying but she didn’t slow down the plot.


Language – Medium-High

Sexual – Medium

Violence – Medium-High

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