My Boyfriend in Orange, Vol. 3

by Non Tamashima

Kodansha Comics, 2018

Summary: Kyosuke’s team does the obstacle course at a tournament. Moe and her friends cheer them on. They also go on their first date and a cute accident occurs.

Likes: That first date is so awkward but also super adorable. I also love that the station chief puts Kyosuke in charge of Moe and her friends. He’s so protective and he gets real with Mitaka, one of Moe’s male classmates, but not in a bad way.

Dislikes: Kyosuke freaking out that Moe didn’t have an adult with her was a little harsh.

Overall it is nice to see two male rivals work things out in a positive manner. Too easy maybe but Alpha male stuff can get really tiring, ya know?

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