i owe you one

I Owe You One

by Sophie Kinsella

The Dial Press, 2019


2 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Fixie works at the family shop with her mom, brother, and sister. But she puts their needs before her own and she really needs to take charge of her own life.

Overall I really struggled with this one. For the first hundred pages I kept asking, “So when’s the story really going to start?” Then I was asking, “Really? This is what I’m getting?” I did relate to Fixie but her lack of spine put me on edge especially as we were nearing the end. Also, one family member being in financial trouble and then “borrowing” from the family business to cover it, is cliche. I’ve seen it in every movie, TV show, or book that has a family business. I need some new kinds of conflict. Also, the conflict between Fixie and Seb was so forced. It was ridiculous. But I didn’t hate this book. How Fixie handles Ryan (her crush for a long time) in the end was great. I just… expected a lot more and waited the whole book for it and it never happened.


Language – Mild, some swear words

Sexual – Medium, characters have sex but it isn’t graphic

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