dead girls dance

The Dead Girls’ Dance

2nd in the series

by Rachel Caine

NAL Jam, 2007

Adult Contemporary Supernatural Romance

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Shane’s dad is determined to kill vampires and doesn’t care about collateral damage. Michael has to make a big decision but he also has to deal with unexpected consequences. Claire is trying to keep her boyfriend from dying for his father’s crimes. Eve is trying to deal with Michael’s decision and helping Claire save Shane.

Likes: Still loving the characters. There is also a ton happening in this book. Really easy to get caught up in it.

Dislikes: The foursome doesn’t get to spend as much time together because of all the stuff happening.

Overall this was a roller coaster. I definitely had mental whiplash when I finished this volume. There’s also a cliffhanger at the end. Caine knows how to get me coming back for more.


There is an attempted rape of one of the main characters.

Language – Medium, swearing throughout

Sexual – Mild, less on the innuendo, a little more implied

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