glass houses

Glass Houses

First in the Morganville Vampires series

by Rachel Caine

New American Library, 2009 (previously published in 2006 by NAL Jam)

Adult Contemporary Supernatural Romance

9 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Claire starts college in Morganville, Texas at sixteen and then finds out the town is run by vampires.

Likes: I fell in love with the four main characters (Claire, Eve, Shane, and Michael) instantly. This reread I actually really liked Monica’s brother, policeman Richard. He’s a jerk for sure but he has no illusions about his sister and calls her out on it. I also have a weakness for the found family trope.

Dislikes: Claire’s parents telling her she had to go to this school in Morganville because they couldn’t let her go to a fancy school in a different state. But plot has to plot, we have to get Claire to Morganville somehow… Monica is also a psycho. She is the queen bee bully stereotype on steroids.

Overall I have a strange relationship with this series. I have had trouble getting past the first few volumes because I’m scared of what will happen to my precious main characters but every time I reread the first few books I get one book further. This year I’d like to get a good chunk of this series done. (But we’ll see, I’ve been reading this series since I was a teen.)


Sexual – Mild, mostly innuendo and implied stuff

Language – Medium, swearing throughout

Violence – Medium, people get beat up and murdered

Drug use – Medium, underage drinking

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