fruits basket ce 9

Fruits Basket, Vol. 9

by Natsuki Takaya

Yen Press, 2017

10 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: A bunch of secrets are revealed in this volume. We learn more about Yuki’s fellow council member, Machi. We also learn about Akito’s parents.

Likes: The way Minagawa chooses to say goodbye to Yuki when she graduates. It was really mature and cute.

Dislikes: Kureno’s choice. I understand it but still don’t like it. Akito’s mom.

Overall there is a ton revealed in this volume. I’m a little conflicted about some of it, were some of these secrets really necessary to the plot? But there was a bunch about Akito and his parents that I didn’t see coming.


Language – Medium, swearing sprinkled throughout

Sexual – Mild, some innuendo

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