muse of nightmares

Muse of Nightmares

The sequel to Strange the Dreamer

by Laini Taylor

Little, Brown and Company; 2018

YA Fantasy

7 cups of tea out 11

Summary: Everyone is facing the consequences for the choices that happened in the first book (or happened before the events of the first book). And more details are becoming clear.

Likes: This was an emotional roller-coaster because I cared quite a bit what happened to these characters. Nero gets more of a character arc.

Dislikes: I did get impatient with the second narrative presented. I had to skip ahead and read those parts so I could go back to the narrative I cared about more. There were some pieces of the narrative that were rushed. Also, that ending has me conflicted.

Overall I’m a little conflicted because I cared and it was a roller-coaster and a lot of my questions from the first book were answered but the ending left me a little unsure how to feel because it is a bit open-ended.


Sexual – Medium: kissing, sex is discussed, it gets a little steamy a couple times but never graphic

Violence – Medium-High, multiple deaths

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