sound of letting go

The Sound of Letting Go

by Stasia Ward Kehoe

Viking, 2014

YA Contemporary Romance

5 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Daisy plays the trumpet and is talented at it. But her family life is a little strained by her Autistic brother Steven’s violent behavior. Her family members may have to be separated and that may provide relief but it will also cause guilt and pain.

Likes: I do like that this novel is in verse. That style works so well for conveying emotion and ideas. I also appreciate the depiction of the harder aspects of having an Autistic sibling. Sometimes people feel obligated to sugar coat the experience and justify to everyone and their mother what decisions they’re making.

Dislikes: Comparing Daisy’s life with her family to that of an African slave during the Civil War wasn’t fair. Also, Daisy’s lashing out at her parents for putting Steven in a home didn’t make sense. We don’t see a lot of interaction with her brother. We’re told she babysits him so that her mom can go to yoga so obviously they spend time together but basically I didn’t see the bond between them to justify why she’d react like that. I understand the relief and feeling guilty about it but deciding to be a “bad girl” with Dave and ditching band didn’t make sense.

Overall I had a hard time reading this one. I couldn’t read it without thinking about my experiences with my own Autistic younger brother. For good and bad that informed my reactions to this book.

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