cross my heart

Cross My Heart

by Sasha Gould

Delacorte Press, 2011

YA Historical Romance

3 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Laura gets out of the nunnery she’s been in since she was a kid to discover that her sister has been murdered and possibly a secret society of Venetian women is behind it.

Likes: In the beginning, the Venetian setting was evoked really well and the chemistry between Giacomo and Laura was fabulous.

Dislikes: Giacomo and Laura’s relationship moved a little too fast. They went through a lot only knowing each other for a short time. The twists and turns, the setting, and the character development stalled in the middle and then flat-lined by the end. And Laura seemed to get less and less intelligent as the story continued. This needed more development in general and possibly a higher page count to flesh things out.

Overall this had a lot of potential and then it fell flat. But I did finish the book, that says a lot. However, I’m not inclined to read the next book.

Content: Language – Mild, because there’s one scene with one repeated swear word

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