x 6

X, Volume 6


VIZ Media, 2013

11 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Dragons of Heaven versus Dragons of Earth and the results are inconclusive.

Likes: Everything is so complicated! The characters are getting more and more entangled with each other which leads to these interesting battles between sides.

Dislike: This is the last volume and it doesn’t end conclusively. From what I understand the magazine this was being serialized in folded so they halted the production of this series and as of yet it hasn’t been picked back up.

Overall I am sad that this series ends prematurely but I can also make it end the way I want in my head because no one can tell me differently. (Well, technically they could but I could tell them they’re wrong because we don’t know.) But I can understand why people wouldn’t read this series or go very far into it because it ends so abruptly.


Violence – High, because of battle violence and blood

Sexual – Mild, because it’s implied that two characters have sex but we don’t see it happening (her clothes are in a pile next to the bed

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