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Daughter of the Blood

The Black Jewels Series, Book 1

by Anne Bishop

Roc, 2007 (first published 1998)

Adult Dark Fantasy

10 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Jaenelle is dreams made flesh, Witch. But in this book she’s a young girl trying to understand her power. Saetan is trying to teach her (but her power is well beyond his so just trying to keep up with her is a challenge). Lucivar and Daemon are the sons of Saetan but through tricks and nefarious means they were separated from him when they were kids and forced into slavery. All three of them want Jaenelle to become the Queen they know she can be but she faces the worst threats from her closest family members.

Likes: The characters. Lucivar and Surreal are my current favorites, Saetan and Daemon aren’t too far behind. I also like the pieces of world-building and hints at the larger history and other parts of the three connected realms. And the emotion. There’s darker elements and humorous elements throughout. We get a feel for the stakes involved.

Dislike: Daemon is meant to be Jaenelle’s lover in the future when she’s an adult. So there were a couple interactions they had that I held my breath during because I was afraid a scary line would be crossed but ultimately I felt their relationship in this book had a lot of complexity and nuance.

Overall this was a lot to take in at first but by the end of the first chapter, after Jaenelle accidentally wreaks Saetan’s office during a lesson, I was invested. This book is so hard to summarize because there are a lot of parts and people involved but I think some summaries are a little misleading. This isn’t a reverse-harem romance for instance. This felt more like a really talented and eccentric person trying to figure out who they are with some very unfortunate relatives who don’t understand and worse are negligent.


Violence – High; rape, child abuse, sexual abuse of adults, murder, torture

Sexual – High; sex scenes are mostly described but not written from start to finish on the page, there’s a lot that’s implied

Language – Medium, a variety of curse words are used but not constantly

Drug Use – Mild; adults consume quantities of alcohol, aphrodisiacs are used


3 thoughts on “Review: Daughter of the Blood

  1. I love this series of books – though I think the cover you picture is much nicer than the one on my collection. The subject matter is at times quite intense, but the narrative and characters are so beautifully detailed and it all works really well. This first book really grabs your attention and sets up such a great story while helping you to understand each of these characters and where they are in their lives.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    1. I think this cover reflects Jaenelle’s age a bit more. I like how cute and whimsical it is while still hinting at the darker aspects. I’m really excited to continue with the series!

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