backstagers v 1

The Backstagers, Volume 1

Written by James Tynion IV

Illustrated by Rian Sygh

Boom! Box, 2017

Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Comic

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Jory transfers to an all boys’ school. He starts out kind of wanting to be an actor but then he meets the crew who do the backstage stuff and decides to join them. The backstage is also fantastical. Tunnels change themselves around. There are magical creatures.

Likes: The individual characters were fabulous and as an ensemble they worked really well. I also liked the magical aspects of the backstage area. Lastly, that ending! I immediately wanted the next volume.

Dislike: It is an all boys’ school and there’s only one girl character who stars in one of the stage productions. So, while I loved the characters, there was a little bit of distance between me and a majority of them.

Overall I totally accidentally tricked myself into giving something new a try. I was at work and saw this was available on Overdrive. I checked it out and then hesitated before saying to myself, “You’ve already checked it out, just read it.” So I did and I really liked it. Definitely glad I gave this one a try. I recommend this to fans of Lumberjanes and Giant Days.

Content: Sexual – Mild because of some innuendo

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