x v1 1-3

X, Volume I


VIZ Media, 2011

11 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Kamui returns to Tokyo setting off a dramatic and violent chain of events which will inevitably lead to the end of the world.

Likes: The art is stunning. The color art pages in particular take my breath away. The characters are distinct and complex. Kamui is such a turd but I love him so much. He’s sassy. My opinion of Kanoe, on of the villains, went up. She’s really interesting, also confident and decisive. The plot is complicated. Even though we know we’re heading for the end of the world, we don’t know exactly how it will come about.

Dislikes: My opinion of Hinoto, the dream-seer, went down a little with this reread because she approached Kamui in a really dumb way. It’s understandable because she doesn’t know him but basically she was trying to emotionally manipulate him instead of being upfront with him.

Overall this made me so happy. Which feels weird to say because it’s a paranormal & supernatural horror manga. I did read this for the first time in high school and I adored it. After rereading it, I adored it even more because I understood more of what was going on. There are a lot of characters and different motivations to keep track of. The plot is also complicated because there are plans within plans and so on. Also, the last CLAMP manga I read was a mess and I struggled to get through it (more of my thoughts on that in my review) so I was elated to read this first volume of a series that I consider to be one of my CLAMP favorites and it holds up. I’m optimistic going into the rest of the series. If you liked Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki you’ll probably like this one. I also highly recommend Angel Sanctuary too if you haven’t read it.


Violence – High – people are torn apart, there are body parts, blood, entrails; the visions of the end of the world are graphic; people are injured in magical battles

Sexual – Mild because there is one woman who is naked in the story a couple times and in the color art once.

Language – Mild because “bitch” is used instead of “whine” in one of the dialogue bubbles

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