Review: P.S. I Like You

ps i like you

P.S. I Like You

by Kasie West

Point, 2016

YA Contemporary Romance

7 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Lily’s dream is to become a songwriter for her favorite Indie bands no one has heard of… except a mysterious person who helps her deface a desk with messages. When they run out of room, they start leaving notes for each other.

Likes: I related to Lily writing or drawing in a notebook rather than completely focusing on class. Her chemistry teacher tells her not to write in it or he’ll take it away. None of my high school teachers ever tried to take mine away but an elementary school teacher and a junior high teacher tried. I also like the discussion of how we perceive others and how sometimes our perceptions can lead to the wrong conclusions. I’m fond of the enemies to lovers trope. Lily’s family dynamic was interesting as well because there are a lot of people on a tight budget.

Dislikes: I’ve never been fond of the situation where two characters are constantly in conflict because they like each other but they don’t know it. And, a small thing, this felt like it could have been set in California as much as Arizona. There’s more to Arizona than it being hot in the summer and nice in the winter.

Overall of the three Kasie West books I’ve read, I like this one the most. (I’ve read The Fill-In Boyfriend and By Your Side.) I thought the plot was the most complex and I related to this main character the most of the three. Looking at the three books inspired by You’ve Got Mail I’ve read recently I’d put this in second place. (Alex, Approximately is first and Tell Me Three Things is third.) Cade, the leading man of this book, doesn’t stand up to Porter, the leading man of Alex, Approximately. But Tell Me Three Things is weak in all areas compared to this book.

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