Review: Just One Damned Thing After Another

just one damned thing after another

Just One Damned Thing After Another

The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #1

by Jodi Taylor

Night Shade Books, 2013

Adult Science Fiction Adventure Romance

6 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Max becomes a time-travelling historian. Hilarity, adventure, chaos, and romance ensues.

Likes: Max is a fabulous female protagonist. She’s hilarious and fierce. But she also has a softer side. This book is hilarious. There’s dry, British humor throughout plus Max gets herself into crazy situations.

Dislikes: The body count for this book sure is high. I was a bit surprised. The elbow-jabbing foreshadowing was irritating. And there was a sequence of scenes in the final third that made me really angry. There’s a character who doesn’t do something believable for his personality or past actions and rather offensive. This sets off a small chain that didn’t assist the overall plot. I was left at a standstill really angry. Things get back on track but that part just shouldn’t have been there. *shakes fist*

Overall if that sequence hadn’t been in the final third I would have declared this a fabulous read and I’m happy to continue the series. So for now I’m hesitating. Maybe I’ll continue it sometime in the future.


Language: Medium-high, liberally applied throughout

Sexual: Medium-high – innuendo, jokes, sex is talked about, a sexual harassment situation, a sex scene on top of a car

Violence: Medium-high – violent situations including war, dinosaurs, and between characters

Drugs: Medium – characters get drunk repeatedly

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