by Fonda Lee

Flux, 2015

YA Science Fiction

5 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Carr “The Raptor” Luka is right on the edge of a successful zeroboxing (boxing but in a cube with zero gravity) career when he finds out about a criminal conspiracy that could ruin everything he’s worked hard for.

Likes: The characters. They were believable if not always likable. The futuristic world-building was cool and complex.

Dislikes: It takes a lot for me to be into sports-focused book. Most of the time this book was slow-going.

Overall I was a bit underwhelmed. But I also read Exo by the same author and liked that one a lot so I’ll continue to try out Fonda Lee’s books.


Language: Medium – swear words sprinkled throughout

Sexual: Medium – the main couple gets passionate regularly, sex is talked about, but there aren’t any sex scenes

Violence: Medium – this is about boxing

Drugs: Mild – some drunken revelry

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