Top Ten Tuesday: Books that have inspired wanderlust!


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jana, That Artsy Reader Girl!

A bunch of these are recent reads (I’ve linked the reviews if you’re interested). Let’s get into it!

queen's vow

The Queen’s Vow focuses on Isabella, Queen of Castile. She married Ferdinand, King of Aragon, expelled the Moors from the Iberian peninsula (as well as the Jews), set up the notorious Inquisition, and sent Columbus on his mission. A complex and contradictory historical figure plus a passionate and intelligent leader. I highly recommend this book. This was also the tome that got me thinking about visiting Spain and the historical sites mentioned in the book.

thousand names

The Shadow Campaigns series is inspired by French history and it makes me want to go to France. This first book also made me homesick for the desert.


Circe made me want to go to Greece and hang out in the ruins.

starry eyes

Starry Eyes made me want to go hang out in the wilderness even though I don’t do as well in the wilderness.


Alex, Approximately features a museum created out of an eccentric couple’s mansion. It made me want to go to the Winchester Mystery House again.


Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden and Yona of the Dawn both make me want to visit China.

Are there books that make you want to go to other places? Have you or will you travel to these places?

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