Question: Who were your reading role models growing up?


The direct answer is my parents. But I feel like I talk about them a lot in real life so I’ll start with their parents, my grandparents.

Dad’s parents read a ton. Grandma reads a lot of mysteries and Grandpa reads a lot of nonfiction and adventure or thriller type books.

Mom’s parents read a little less. Papa liked to read nonfiction about astronomy, physics, and math plus fictional classics. Gami enjoys reading historical fiction and nonfiction about history and religion.

Both of my parents love reading history books and historical fiction. But my dad also loves fantasy and science-fiction. My mom reads more nonfiction than fiction in general because she tends to pick topics and then tries to read a bunch of books that are relevant.

I come from multiple generations of readers.

My mom started me learning how to read when I was three. She gave me Hooked on Phonics and books on tape. I took to reading really easily and enthusiastically. Mom was also the one who took my brothers and me to the library every week and allowed us to check out as much as we could. We had a wagon we took turns pulling with our Book Box inside. My mom also didn’t discourage us. She allowed us to make our own choices.

My dad influenced my reading tastes a little more obviously. But my mom was the one who encouraged my range of tastes and interests, including my lifelong love of the library.

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