fill in boyfriend

The Fill-In Boyfriend

by Kasie West

Harper Teen, 2015

YA Contemporary Romance

6 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Gia gets dumped by her boyfriend, Bradley, in the parking lot at Prom. She refuses to walk in without a date and chooses a complete stranger to “fill-in.” Comedy and drama ensue.

Likes: I didn’t like Gia at first but as the story developed I started to like her better. The male romantic lead is flawed but he was easy to sympathize with. I also liked how their relationship changed and grew.

Dislikes: Gia’s two best friends were crappy best friends. I had dozens of problems with them. I also wasn’t a fan of Gia’s parents or brother. Basically, the only character I liked from introduction to last appearance was Bec and Hayden’s mom.

Overall I liked this a lot more than the other Kasie West book I’ve read, By Your Side. But, while this wasn’t bad, it’s not a new favorite.

4 thoughts on “Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend

    1. I definitely dislike it when people refuse to even discuss things when they disagree, especially when they are in positions of power like Gia’s parents. I don’t feel like you can have a truly meaningful relationship.

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