Review: Giant Days Volume 4

giant days 4

Giant Days, Volume 4

Created and Written by John Allison

Illustrated by Max Sarin

Boom! Box, 2017

Adult Contemporary Comic

10 out of 11 cups of tea

Summary: Esther has a few mental, emotional, and financial crises. The three also have to find new housing. Esther and Susan create films for the Don Valley Film Festival. Daisy gives a campus tour. She meets a potential love interest.

Likes: Esther totally shines in this volume. She may not b able to act but she is really dramatic. The race to find new housing is funny in particular because they have to compete with the boys. This also might be my favorite cover so far.

Dislike: Not sure how I feel about Daisy’s potential love interest.

Overall I’ve liked Esther from the start but I feel like I actually bonded with her in this one.


Language: Mild

Sexual: Medium

Drug Use: Mild

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