Review: Giant Days Volume 2

giant days 2

Giant Days, Volume 2

Created and Written by John Allison

Illustrated by Lissa Treiman then Max Sarin

Boom! Box, 2016

Adult Contemporary Comic

10 out of 11 cups of tea

Summary: The three friends are going to the ball! We get a little more of Susan’s backstory. Susan and Esther get love interests while Ed is encouraged to join the school newspaper.

Likes: I like Susan’s romantic relationship. They have a lot of history and passion. I also like that Ed was encouraged to pursue one of his interests rather than his unrequited crush.

Dislike: Not a fan of Esther’s relationship. It makes sense for her character though and he does get what’s coming to him in the end.

Overall I’m happy I reread this and I’m happy to recommend it. If you like Lumberjanes definitely try this one. It has a lot of the same heart even if it isn’t the same genre. (Also, read Lumberjanes if you haven’t yet.)


Language: Mild

Sexual: Susan has sex but we don’t see it, we just know it happened. Discussion of sex and jokes happen.

Drug use: There’s drinking at the ball and Susan still smokes.

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