Review: Giant Days Volume 1

giant days 1

Giant Days, Volume 1

Created and Written by John Allison

Illustrated by Lissa Treiman

Boom! Box, 2016

Adult Contemporary Comic

10 out of 11 cups of tea

Summary: Daisy, Esther, and Susan are college dorm-mates in England. The first few chapters are about introducing the main characters and the two supporting characters, Ed Gemmell and McGraw. The middle is about Esther being put on this horrible website. The third part is about Daisy turning eighteen, drinking alcohol, and getting high for the first time.

Likes: I loved rereading this volume. It is still funny and cute. The characters are complex (they’re flawed but still easy to love) and the situations they get into are extreme but still relatable. And I really like the art. It’s colorful and cool. The range of expressions is fabulous.

Dislike: Poor Daisy, she didn’t deserve the rejection she got.

Overall I recommend this to bunches of people. It is also easier to recommend the first one after reading later volumes because the quality remains consistent going ahead.


Language: Mild – there are a few curses here and there

Sexual: Medium – Sex is discussed and there are jokes. There are a couple posters in the dorm of the guys who created the sleazy website that are sleazy too.

Drug use: Medium – Susan smokes, Daisy drinks and then gets high for the first time.

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