Review: Starry Eyes

starry eyes

Starry Eyes

by Jenn Bennett

Simon Pulse, 2018

YA Contemporary Romance

9 out of 11 cups of tea

Summary: Lennon and Zorie were best friends moving towards official couple when Lennon stands Zorie up at the Homecoming dance and their relationship completely implodes. Fast forward, they’re both invited on a camping trip (which also implodes) and they are left alone in the wilderness. Can they work through their issues and protect their food from bears?

Likes: Once again, I love Zorie and Lennon individually and as a couple. Of the two I related a bit more to Lennon because of his manga and horror fascination. Plus he’s not a fan of Kerouac. Tons of brownie points for that. I also have to admit that I couldn’t wait for Zorie and Lennon to get abandoned so that the book could just focus on them. And I really liked that part of the story.

Dislike: It takes Zorie way too long to figure out what’s going on with Reagan and Brett. She’s dense when it comes to people, that’s established early on, but I feel like we get beaten over the head with their behavior and what it indicates.

Overall I recommend this one just as much as Jenn Bennett’s other books (my review for Alex, Approximately). This book would also be really good to read in the summer time.


Drug use: Mild – two of the underage characters get drunk on wine, we don’t see it but we are told about it.

Language: Mild – swear words are lightly sprinkled throughout

Sexual: Medium-High – passionate kissing + petting, sex scenes happen but aren’t described in detail

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