Reviews: Yona of the Dawn Vols. 8, 9, 10

One of the challenges of reviewing everything I’ve read since day one of this blog is that I’m not always on book one of a series. And I’ve decided not to review books I’ve read before I started the blog unless I’ve just reread them because it would be too overwhelming.

But I also find it a challenge to review individual manga volumes. I tend to read them so fast but I’m going to try.

Yona of the Dawn 8, 9, and 10

Story and Art by Mizuho Kusanagi

Shojo Beat, Viz Media

October 2017, December 2017, February 2018

8 cups of tea out of 11 for each of them

Quick summary of previous volumes: Princess Yona’s father is murdered by her childhood friend, Su-Won and she escapes with her other childhood friend and general, Hak. She then finds out that she is the reincarnation of the Crimson Dragon and she needs to gather the four other dragons to help her fulfill her destiny.

Summary of these three volumes: Yona has managed to find three of the four dragons and has gotten them on her side after multiple dangerous adventures. The fourth dragon shows up at their campfire one night and everyone freaks out. Su-Won also has a mock battle with one of his generals that has far-reaching consequences. Now that Yona has all four dragons around her she has to decide what to do and she accidentally forms the Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch. Volume 10 focuses on Lord Tae-Jun, a second son of a general. He’s pretty useless most of the time. But he gets a character arc in this volume.

Likes: I wasn’t sure if that Tae-Jun arc would work but it did. I like the ensemble cast. They work well together and individually. They are also really funny. I also like how complex the situations are. There aren’t easy answers to any of problems they face.

Dislikes: Yona and Hak’s relationship really isn’t developing. It usually takes a backseat to Yona bonding with her fellow dragons. I can understand that she has conflicted feelings for Su-Won and that could be preventing her from feeling things for Hak but they’ve spent a lot of time out in the wilderness together so something should be happening, right? Maybe not the angsty romance of Yu Watase work but something.

Overall I’d recommend this series to fans of shojo fantasy manga who also want a historical and adventurous twist. Also if you want a series that doesn’t have romance as the main plot. I also recommend it for fans of fabulous female main characters. Personally I think it has better story and character construction than the first Fushigi Yugi series so if you’ve read that and want something like it, try this one.


Language: Mild

Sexuality: Mild for sexual innuendo

Violence: Medium for multiple battles and some blood

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